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Animated Short Film Submission Form

jcTools is a growing platform aimed at the animation and visual effects community. We want to help promote your film and create a curated collection of short films on our platforms to inspire other creatives.

Choose your best option:

1) You upload the video to your personal platform. Either your personal site, Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Then we share the link you provide us to our social media and write a blog post about it with any information you provide us, free of charge.

2) You e-mail us your video and we upload it to the jcTools Youtube channel, social medias, and other platforms pertaining to jcTools.

All the videos we post will be curated, meaning that even if you submit a video we may or may not post it for any number of reasons. We are trying to create a collection of well crafted videos with interesting stories from all around the world.

How would you like us to share your film?

If you are providing the video files to jcTools for jcTools to upload to any of our social media channels then you must e-mail the files to after filling out this form.

Terms and Conditions:
By submitting this form you are agreeing that you are the owner of the content being submitted and are at least 18 

years of age. You recognize that this is a free service. All submissions will be reviewed, but not all will be posted on our platforms.

If you choose to give us permissions to share your link on our channels we will simply share your link on our platforms free of charge.
If you choose to e-mail us the raw video for jcTools to upload the video to jcTools video streaming channels then you acknowledge that your video is a creative common video free for distribution under creative common regulations written here:

(These terms are subject to change)
For more Terms and Agreement Policies click here

Thanks for submitting! Your work is under review and we will notify you if we decide to write about it and share it.

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