How to installation video (Windows) for Autodesk Maya nCloth plug-in jcCloth:

Autodesk Maya nCloth plug-in jcCloth installation step by step for Windows:

1) Download the jcCloth zip file.

2) Extract the zip file.

3) Place the jcCloth folder in the Maya plug-ins folder.
             \Users\<username>\Documents\Maya\<maya version>\plug-ins

            ~/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/Maya/<maya version>/plug-ins

            ~/Maya/<maya version>/plug-ins

4) Open Maya
5) Navigate to the location you put the jcCloth folder. Find the file in:
6) Drag the file inside the Maya interface window.
*Some versions of Maya may not allow drag and drop, if so, load the file in the script editor and initiate it.
7) If you have a free trial, a jcTools shelf will appear with the jcCloth icon will be loaded. Click the button and enjoy for 5 days.
If you have purchased a license, you will be asked to enter your license key. After doing so the jcTools shelf will appear with the jcCloth button.

Autodesk Maya nCloth plug-in jcCloth installation step by step for Mac:

Some versions of Mac OS have hidden the Library folder from the Home options menu. To find the path, open Finder and navigate to the finder bar on the top of the page. Click Go, then Library or Go to Folder. The library will reveal the hidden folder. Go to Folder will open a window where you can copy-paste the full file path above.

~/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/Maya/<maya version>/plug-

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