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$265/year Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max with Indie versions

This is Important news everyone needs to know if you use either Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max! You can now get Maya and Max for just $265/year if you meet certain requirements! This is much more affordable than the normal $1,620/year! This number is in USD and varies by country. Read through to get all the details to find out if your eligible, some gotchas to be aware of, and which countries qualify. You can get some of the info on my video, but any new updates are written in the description of the video in Youtube or posted in this blog post:

What is Maya and 3Ds Max Indie Version!

For those who don’t know, Maya and Max Indie versions were released July 29, 2019, and was only made available to US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand for a limited time. It has all the same features of Maya for a much cheaper price intended for people getting started in their career. It was suppose to only be available for a limited time, however, users all over the world were asking for this version to be available in their country and here we are! Indie versions initially cost $250 USD per year! Since August 7, 2020 the price rose to $265/year. This is still a huge discount when compared to the regular Maya subscription that costs $1,620 USD a year. An important thing to note is that there are 3 requirements you need to meet to get one of these Indie versions!

Requirements to Purchase (Dollar value vary by country): 1) You need to confirm that you make an income of less than $100,000 USD a year.

2) You can not purchase Indie to work on a project valued at $100,000 USD a year

3) Only one user per subscription. This means that If you are a company of 2 people that need Maya, you can not purchase Maya Indie, regardless of total income. Indie is intended for individual freelancers and recent graduates who are transitioning to work in 3D after their student version of Maya expires. 2 things to be aware of when purchasing!

1) It is quite difficult to find on the website. It isn’t exactly advertised and it isn’t part of the pricing options. If you go to the products section, Maya Indie just isn’t there. And if you go to the search bar and search for it, it doesn’t appear either. You are more likely to find Maya LT which is NOT the same thing as Indie. If you want to find Maya or Max Indie easily you have to go to google and specifically type Autodesk Maya Indie to find the link, or just click here:

2) Anyone who purchased Indie before August 7th in the approved countries, US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand has auto-renew set to renew your license next year at FULL PRICE $1620 NOT at indie price which is the $265 a year price

The August 7th, 2020 worldwide release says they are changing this. It should auto renew with the Indie price of $265. This is something I would personally keep an eye on regardless as it is something new to Autodesk and they have been changing the terms to the Indie version. You can also subscribe to our e-mail list as we will constantly be updating this blog post.

You can easily turn off auto-renew on any of your Autodesk products with just a few clicks. You can watch the video above or follow these instructions: In the Autodesk Website go to your profile, Manage subscriptions and here you see what you have purchased. Click on the product and there you can click on or off auto-renew. You can see that I am in US and purchased my Indie license before the worldwide announcement and my Auto-renew option is set to the full price, hence I have turned off my auto-renew.

Which countries can currently purchase Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Maz Indie Versions: Now the last thing I want to talk about is what does world-wide mean exactly! Unfortunately, world wide does not mean in every country! It was stated that it will be attainable in countries that have an established Autodesk eStore. The list of countries is right here: Asia China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore

Europe and the Middle East Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

South and Central America Brazil, Mexico If you don’t see your country, however, don’t lose hope. It is said that this is just the list of countries that currently have clearance and that they are working on extending this to more countries soon! Subscribe to our blog to get updated when things change.

So this is all the information we have so far on Maya and Max Indie! Full versions of the software at a cheaper price aimed for freelancers and recent graduates. August 7, 2020 was the first worldwide release. Now you know what to look out for when you do decide to get it! Let me know in the comments what you think about the Indie version pricing and share your countries pricing on these Indie versions products so others can see.

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