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jcCloth utilizes a workflow to ease the production of nCloth driven assets in Autodesk Maya. It creates an nCloth rig that allows users to quickly manipulate, animate, and simulate a mesh.


Faster Simulations

Connect your simulated mesh to a lower single-sided polygon that will simulate faster and more accurately than a high-poly mesh.


Animate component changes on a duplicate geometry that will automatically update the form of your simulated mesh.


Easily transition your character into any animated sequences stored in an alembic cache.

jcTools is an online resource for animation and visual effects. Creator of jcCloth, an nCloth plug-in. We provide Autodesk Maya training and tutorials for all levels by a professional artist. Online tutoring is also available for After Effects, Character Animator, Illustrator, and Photoshop.


We are partnered with Crugo Digital Marketing to provide animated video production services for personal and commercial use.

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